Hi everyone,

A good compromise for the Eureka AGM is to hold the meeting at ELC on Tuesday 7th June at 7.15pm, with a Zoom option also available for those who don’t want to travel into Ballarat.

The monthly ELC committee meeting that Blake usually attends is on before ours. Blake has booked the front meeting room for us, and the heater will be on for an hour beforehand. 😊

Hope this time and place suits most of us.

Meeting Zoom link – use this one first – passcode is eu21agm : zoom.us/j/97294664493?pwd=dWV2eU1qSTNrbDhueFUrdms3ckZyUT09

Backup Zoom link – use this one only if the first meeting expires – passcode is also eu21agm : zoom.us/j/95932009914?pwd=ZGxMM0g0L0NYNWlQc1hsZUlZS09WUT09

Any apologies can be sent by replying to this message. Look forward to seeing you next Tuesday.

Regards, Ian