Hi everyone,




Meeting Zoom link – use this one first – passcode is   eu21agm   :  https://zoom.us/j/97294664493?pwd=dWV2eU1qSTNrbDhueFUrdms3ckZyUT09


Backup Zoom link – use this one only if the first meeting expires – passcode is also   eu21agm   :  https://zoom.us/j/95932009914?pwd=ZGxMM0g0L0NYNWlQc1hsZUlZS09WUT09


Regards, Ian



From: ian@chennell.com <ian@chennell.com>
Sent: Tuesday, 31 May 2022 3:46 PM
To: ‘allmembers@eurekaorienteers.asn.au’ <allmembers@eurekaorienteers.asn.au>
Subject: Eureka AGM


Hi all,


Hope everyone is well and keeping warm in the winter snap.


Now that we’ve got our bigger events out of the way for 2022, we are well overdue for our 2021 AGM and we need to book in a meeting…


I’m looking at Monday or Tuesday next week, 6th or 7th June as possible dates, if we meet over Zoom.


Alternately, we could also meet in person at ELC, in which case Saturday evening 4th June is probably best, so we don’t clash with Bendigo’s bush event at Tappit Hen (Dunolly) on Saturday afternoon, or the Come and Try It at Daylesford on Sunday morning.


Please let me know ASAP by reply email if you have a preference for one particular date over the others, or if any date is OK, or if no date is OK. I’ll book a meeting in by this Thursday evening, based on the replies.


For the Committee, please also consider the various reports etc we need to present, and whether you’re able to get those ready by the meeting date you’d prefer.


Note that the OVic AGM is booked for Thursday 9th June, so we can’t book that evening, whatever we decide.


Regards, Ian