Hi members

We’ve had a pretty busy time from February to May with events, new members, clean up at the shed and competitions.  Here is my brief summary.

  • AGM: New committee elected at a Zoom meeting in ELC: President Ian, VP BJ, Sec’t Blake, Treasurer Mark elected; Jenni Jamieson award to Ian C, Tom Norwood award to Warwick, and Eureka Life Membership – Judy and Roch. Three way tie for Stuff Up of Year – Rod’s cutting up clue sheets with   a drop-saw AND last minute change at Jubilee Lake of the finish funnel resulting in some DNF’s AND award presentation at Blackwood for first 3 events in Aus Champs Carnival – rather confused order of the podium certificates but got it pretty right at the end.

  • Vic MTBO doubleheader at Maryborough: Ian did the finish for both events – Mosquito Flat in am, Bull Gully Wells in pm; Mark and Blake set and checked pm courses which all enjoyed and commented positively on. Despite have to share the Jack Pascoe Reserve with a final of the Little Aths program we made it all work with great cooperation from all parties.

  • Vic Relays at Woowookarung: Largest number of teams (42) in years complimented Ian’s courses and design of the finish arena. Couple of glitches in setting of controls managed by Ian in the finish BUT several unofficial teams got the eggs when “substitutes” weren’t communicated to the organisers. Great day out with typical Ballarat weather and despite a large contingent of cadets camped just south of the hall, a Werribee Scout group on the flats near the mine – we continued our good relationship with Pax Hill staff and those groups that shared the camp with us. Eureka finished 2nd out of the 9 clubs represented – with 5 EU teams competing (C1 3rd, C3 2nd, C4 1st)

  • Victorian MTBO Championships at Castlemaine: Beautiful weather and challenging courses with about 80 riders in each of the 3 events. Eureka had 9 competitors (another record) with Monica (W50) taking three 1sts, Karen (W50) three 2nds, Blake (M80) three 1sts, Dale (W80) three 2nds, Gary (M50) one 1st and Quinn and Rodd (father) completing their first mtbo event. The timing issues at the event prompted Blake to build little boxes on t-bar stands for our digital clock and iPad beeping start clock

  • Clean up at the EU store: Thanks to Mark, Warwick and Blake there is a lot more room allowing easy access to most items; the TVs are safely boxed or put up on a shelf and several items (chairs and A-frame stands) ready to re-purposed.

  • CATI events at Castlemaine: Richard Goonan (with help of a $$ grant) has organised, set-up and run three successful events at Castlemaine with plans to do the same in Daylesford later in the year. 

  • Eureka’s bid for 2022 Aus Champs maps:  Aislinn has asked us for another “Expression of Interest” for new maps made for the ’22 carnival – namely Lake Daylesford (OGP), Blackwood (Aus Middle), and Nuggety Range (Aus Long).  Give us your opinion this weekend by voting for your first and second preference – simply send Blake back an email. Note – Aislinn has accepted our nomination to continue as VOA Secretary in 2023! 

  •  May meeting of the club: Ian will send out an invitation in a day or so to join us in person or by Zoom to our bimonthly meeting. Items on the Agenda: purchase of map(s), organisers and controller for Ballarat Winter Series, refurbishment of permanent courses at Pax Hill and Victoria Park.

  • Cheers Blake (4 May)