Hi all

Just a few dot points to keep you up to date with what is happening with EU over summer (whenever that comes!) 
  • MapRun is up and running/walking thanks to Gary – tonight is “Ballarat City” – check Eventor for the start/finish.
  • The Australian Junior junior training camp is on until Wed in Beechworth area – Gary is attending and picking up good ideas!
  • Maps are being revised over December / January by Roch, Rod, Ricky and others in Creswick Forest (MTBO by Ricky Thackray), Fed Uni and SMB Campus Fed Uni (Roch), Damascus College (Rod), and Woowookrung (Rod).
  • 2024 Ballarat Classic events (up to end of June) are up on Eventor now thanks to Gary – and he needs course setters for many of these so please contact Gary on SMS or phone).
  • Working With Children Checks (WWCC) have come to Blake from most members. But if you haven’t responded yet, please send a copy of your number and date of expiry to Blake ASAP.
  • Ian is planning a MapRun workshop in January to help club members learn how to set and make MapRun maps.
  • Kay Haarsma is planning a MTBO Training Camp for 4-7 (Thursday thru Sunday) April in the Ballarat area; contact Kay if you can help out. She has organised a top notch coach from Czech to help our juniors develop their MTBO skills.
  • BUNS events starting in January – anyone volunteer to start off the series?
So there is some of our plans over the next few months – please get involved in some of the activities on offer!
Merry Christmas and have a peaceful holiday season!
—— Blake