With a slashing finish at the 2006 Middle-Distance and Long-Distance Championships, eight of Eureka’s finest scored enough points to win their respective age classes over the 13-event state series (8 best to count). So the winners will be Aislinn Prendergast (W18A, 57pts), Anitra Dowling (W35A, 76pts), Jenny Bourne (W45A, 80 pts), Warwick Williams (M35A, 70pts), Chris Norwood (M45A, 77pts), Roch Prendergast (M50A, 66pts), Blake Gordon (M60A, 68pts), and Tom Norwood (M75A, 80pts). And for the historical record this was Chris’s 14th OY title, with Grandpa Tom collecting his 13th title, Roch his 6th OY award and Aislinn her 3rd win. Best of the Senior Women remain Shirley Viner (9 OY wins), Dale Ann Gordon (9 OY wins) while in the Juniors Kylie Braszell and Lian Prendergast claimed 4 titles each and Andrew Norwood won 3 OY’s.