Despite being the organisers of the 2006 Victorian Lon-Distance Championship, Eureka claimed 13 badges at the prize ceremonies. First place badges: Belinda Lawford (W17-20A), Jenny Bourne (W45A), BJ Johnson (W45+AS), Judith Staudte (W45+B), Ian Lawford (M17-20AS), Stephen Balharrie (M21+B), Ian Chennell (M35-44AS), Geoff Lawford (M50A) ; Second Place: Roch Prendergast (M50A), Anitra Dowling (W35A), Tom Norwood (M75A); Third Place: Dale Ann Gordon (W60A), Aislinn Prendergast (W17-20A). With beautiful weather, few glitches, excellent courses (thanks to Chris and Terry) and good help from all club members, what took two days to set up (controls were set and checked on Friday and Saturday by Blake and Terry, while Russell, Mark, John and Warwick set up) was all packed up and back in the Eureka store at the YCW clubrooms by 5.15pm Sunday. Thanks to everyone it was a memorable Vic Champs – one of our best events in years!