Over 140 keen young primary students from Yuille PS, Mt Pleasant PS, Miners Rest PS and Grevillea Park PS braved the rainy weather – and celebrated by running/walking several courses in Victoria Park from 10 to 12 noon today. Jenny Bourne set six courses of between 9 and 11 controls each which started and finished at the north end of the park near the bbq and amenities shelter. A good roll up of Eureka volunteers including Richard and Heather, Hank, Helen and Geoff, Roch, Russell, Helen Reavey, Blake and Jenny made the best of the much-needed rain by encouraging pairs of students to do 2 or 3 courses. The only problem was once you were wet – you needed to keep moving so as not to get cold! Several students from Mt Pleasant were most helpful at the start and all the teachers ran an efficient finish. Comments like “Did you see that – water running in the gutters!” and “I got lost in a big puddle about half-way around” and “It is misting in the finish tent – it must be a sun shade” made the organisers laugh and showed the students learned more than how to find controls.
The improved safety of children crossing the numerous roads in the park was a feature of the event. The Ballarat City Council’s steel gates/barriers, which sealed off the park roads for two hours, were used for the first time. Despite some ‘teething problems’ with the gates, Principal Peter managed to get the gates closed for the two hours. Thanks to the City Council for giving us the opportunity to use the park in safety – and in return we provided the rain to ‘green up’ the area for future sport events this spring!