Email received today from Ballarat YMCA Youth Development Officer:

Afternoon Ian,

Thank you to yourself and the Eureka Orienteering Club for supplying us with the maps for Victoria Park.

We concluded the orienteering today with the vacation care groups and it has been one of the most enjoyed of the activities over the four weeks of vacation care.

The looks of delight when a child finds the marker when it was their turn to read the map, the rosy red cheeks from some outdoor exercise, the thrill of climbing the mullock heap and the looks of disbelief when you tell them they have walked between 5 and 6 kilometers. Its great to be able to get kids doing the things that we took for granted as we were growing up.

Perhaps the children are ready to tackle some of the more challenging maps from around the Ballarat district next school holidays.

I will be in contact regarding maps should that be the case.

Once again thank you for your help.

Wallace Martin