Hi all!

This morning was the Sprint qualification race, at the university in Lausanne, quite close to the shores of the lake. The athletes had walked around the area earlier in the week and were expecting a very complex map with multiple levels making it very detailed and difficult. However, this was sadly not the case! All the athletes reported that the course was very simple, open, and not very technical. The maps should now be available on the WOC website, I hope.

Sadly, this flat, running-race style course did not suit Suzanne and Bridget, and their navigational strengths did not come in to play enough for them to make a final. They were, however, reasonably happy with their runs, and happy to be within 2-3 minutes of the winner. Rachel, being at peak fitness, expected a much higher result, but took the course perhaps a little too conservatively and made a few small errors which could not be afforded. She was very disappointed to miss out by just 14 seconds, and one place.

The boys fared much better, with BJ scraping through by 1 second to make the final, and Julian having a fabulous run to put him in 6th. It will be fantastic watching this afternoon with both in contention for good results. Simon held on to the top 15 valiantly until the very end, when two later runners pushed him just beyond qualification. He seems to have taken the disappointment quite well and is now focusing on the middle distance race.

I will be on the sidelines with camera in hand at the final this afternoon and will hopefully have some good photos to send you. The qualification this morning was a bit secluded and sadly had a small turn out of spectators, but hopefully this afternoon’s race will be much more exciting with stands erected for spectators and cameras on every corner.

I hope you’re all well, and enjoying the races. I will hopefully send you another email this evening or tomorrow morning.


By Aislinn