Hi all,

Ballarat’s winter weather has meant that to do any orienteering YOU NEED TO GET OUT – usually OUT of town!  So with this in mind…

  1. Jenny Wins Swiss 5-Days! Some members have taken up the challenge of orienteering o-seas this year – and Jenny Bourne (D55) has tasted success at the prestigious Swiss 5-Days. She was comfortably in 1st place most days but then in the final managed the narrowest of wins – 1 second ! Geoff (H55) finished 11th and Roch (H55) took 36th. Aislinn Prendergast (W21-E), after placing a career high 35th in the Long Distance (out of 46 runners, ran second leg in the AUS Women Relay which finished 22nd. We hope to get a night together at the ELC to see / hear from the Prendergasts and Lawfords before the club heads off to Tasmania for the Australian Foot-O Championships in late September.
  2. Eureka Teams for the 19th August Victorian Club Relays. It’s that time of the year again when Victorians gather for the only team competition all year – the three-person relays. Eureka will pay (as in years past) for all entries to the relays for financial club members. ALL WE NEED IS YOU! Please let John Erwin (freddy@ncable.net.au) know if you want to be in a team (and suggest possible club members you might like to run with) before 5th August (only 1 week away!) so he can put together our teams. Last year at Nerrina we had 6 teams – so let’s see if we can top that at Bendigo (see below).
Victorian Club Relay Championships (words from the Vic O NEWS on Wednesday). Start organising your teams for the Victorian Club Relays being held in Bendigo on Sunday 19 August. The event is being held on Wildflower Drive map which has been re-worked by Chris Creely using LiDAR. Course lengths will be 7.6km (A), 5.7km (B), 3.8km (C), 2.2km (D), and E having mixed legs of 5.7km, 3.8km and 2.2km. Additional details will be distributed in the coming weeks.

There are no age restrictions on entry to the five courses. Courses A and B are hard navigation, course C is moderate navigation, course D is easy navigation, and course E has 1 hard (5.7km) leg, 1 moderate (3.8km) leg, and 1 easy (2.2km) leg.

Entry cost is $14 for senior VOA members, $7 for junior VOA members, $35 for VOA family members, $20 for senior non-VOA members, $10 for junior non-VOA members, and $50 for a non-VOA family entry. Payment for all entries from each Club to be made by Club treasurers at the event. EUREKA WILL PAY BY CHEQUE FOR ALL EU MEMBERS

Cheers Blake