Seventh aMAZEing Ballarat

7 December 2013

Report and Results

On a beautiful day in Ballarat, 21 teams took to the streets and parks for the 7th Annual aMAZEing Ballarat to raise funds for Ballarat Health Services and the Balladonors, who support Relay for Life.  Many of the regular teams had one thing in mind – “how to knock off the Magpies?”  Their husbands even entered a team this year in an endeavor to sabotage their performance but to no avail, the champion girls won again.

The clues had most scratching their heads early on, but soon all headed out to play a game of Mollky – a Finnish stick game, attempt to estimate the weight of a gold specimen in troy ounces, row the Olympic course on Lake Wendouree on a rowing machine, scout for photographs around the city, play scrabble in the Titanic bandstand, and even visit a tattoo parlour for a stencil.

As usual the organisers, Mark and Blake, invented some reasons for classes and were able to distribute many of the now famous mugs, which allow winners to declare themselves truly aMAZEing.

In addition to supporting two main causes, more than 15 plum puddings will be donated to Breezeway who feed many of the homeless in Ballarat all year round, and a host of raffle tickets have been collected, which if any happen to win will give Balladonors a chance to raffle the prizes again.

Eureka Orienteers are very grateful for the volunteers who manned the activities and the business owners who so readily agreed to be part of this year’s event.  Don’t forget the event will be on again in 2014, mark the first Saturday in December in your diary now.

2013 aMAZEing Ballarat Results


Pushers and Kids

Place Team Score
1 Noah’s Team 812
2 Epic 642
3 Balazantine & Bub 622
4 Nuts 584
5 WWIN 471



Place Team Score
1 The Magpies 928 1st Overall
2 Trece 856 3rd Overall
3 I thought you said left 832
4 Noname 812
5 Spinning Wild 532


Melbourne +

Place Team Score
1 3Ps & Her 780
2 Dos 719
3 Cruise Control 704
4 BK Roo 448
5 Albacutya 283


Best of the Rest

Place Team Score
1 Ash Craven 895 2nd Overall
2 Team W 782
3 Where are we exactly 723
4 Don’t confuse me with directions 629
5 2 Saints & Magpie 393
6 Ryan & Pope 292