Hello all

We hope you all enjoyed the first event of the Ballarat Urban Navigation Series. The series has a number of aims, including encouraging physical exercise, providing mental challenges and exploring different parts of Ballarat. Hopefully the first event achieved some of these for you.

The results are on the BUNS Results page.

There were a number of tales of woe. One person had the all important pencil break at the second site visited, so had to carefully hold and use the 1cm piece of lead that had broken off. Another was so disturbed by some dogs that they fled. They eventually relocated some distance away, but no longer on the mapped area! Another went off the mapped area, managed to return but then didn’t know where on the map they were! However, the most common woe related to timing, which leads to the TIP of the WEEK……

Unless you have super natural powers in gauging the passing of time, you will need to bring a watch or some timing device so that you can measure the 45 mins. And, of course, you need to remember to start your stopwatch or note the time when you start.

We hope to see you at the next event which will be on Thursday 18 Feb at Pioneer Park, Wendouree. Meet in the Park Car Park on the corner of McKenzie Dr and Gillies St Nth. The format will be the same as last time- 45 mins to find as many sites as possible.

So come along, bring your watch, bring your friends. Exercise your body and your brain!