We hope you enjoyed the last event. The area seemed to be a new one for most people. For some it was a bit more “adventurous” than they would have liked!
The results are on the BUNS Results page.
The timing issues that some had at the previous event appear to have been sorted out, with almost everybody back on time. And everybody safely managed the road crossings. Well Done!
Roch again set people thinking- what was the best way to get the controls, especially those outliers nos. 14 and 8? Did you go the most “efficient” way to the controls you visited? It is worth spending some time at the start considering the best way to go to get maximum points in minimum time.
The next event is this week at Prince of Wales Park, just West of the Botanic Gardens. Meet in the Hockey Centre carpark off Gillies St North ready to start at 5.30pm.
This week’s TIP concerns “uncrossable fences”. Being an area of playing fields, there may be many uncrossable fences. These are marked on the map by a black line with pairs of sloping tags (see the legend on the map). As these are uncrossable, they will perhaps create a barrier to where you want to go. So careful planning of your route may be required to take this into account. For some of us “older folk”, even normal fences create an obstacle so we may have to be looking carefully at our maps this week.
So after this week, we may be able to add careful route planning to our other skills of timing and road crossing!
Hope you to see you  this week. As always, bring a friend, bring your dog, have fun.