A big THANK YOU to Angela for organising a challenging (and chilly) BUNS event last Thursday. A good spread of controls meant that nobody got to all the check points, but we had fun seeing how many we could get to ( and some even had fun finding the start!)
The prize for “effort” should go to Blake as he tried valiantly to get all the checkpoints, but took 52 mins to do so, thereby losing 70 of his hard won points. Points should be deducted from Jenny and James for “lack of effort”. They finished early and need to try harder! And Judy gets the “most blood and dirt” award- perhaps she went directly over the only hill on the map?
Next event in the series is a special. It will be a BUNS event, organised by Bun (aka Belinda Lawford) AND we will bring a bun ( for refreshments at the finish- or before the start if you’re hungry). It will be on Thursday 26 Oct at Mount Helen/ Fed Uni. at 5.30 for a start at 5.45pm. Look for the Eureka Banner on University Drive, west of the oval. This is a new map prepared by James Gray and covers the uni grounds and some of the suburbs to the north.
As a reminder, the rest of this series is:

Thursday 26 Oct 5.30pm –Mount Helen/Fed Uni. (Organiser: Bun)

Thursday 9 Nov 5.30pm – Black Hill (Organisers: Rod & James)

Thursday 23 Nov 5.30pm – Location TBC

Thursday 7 Dec 5.30pm (2017 WRAP-UP – BUNS BBQ/Picnic) – Lake Wendouree West. (Organiser: Jenny)

As you can see, an organiser and venue is still required for the event on 23rd Nov. Is there anybody out there???????
Results from last week:
Blake    190 points, 7 mins late, = 120 points
Peter    130 points, not late = 130 points
Aaron   140 points, 1 min late= 130 points
BJ           80 points, not late = 80 points
Judy      100 points, not late= 100 points
James   150 points, not late = 150 points
Ian         160 points, 2 mins late = 140 points
Jenny    160 points, not late = 160 points * unofficial (she didn’t have any checkpoints recorded as she forgot to take a pencil).
Laura+4   50 points, not late, but had 4 small helpers so gets bonus points = 200 points!!!
Hope to see you at the Triple BUN next week.