BUNS 29/07/2017 Time Bonuses

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Jul 282017

Since this BUNS event is in a rather more urbanised area than we are used to, with quite a few busier streets to cross, I wanted to offer a method to extend the time available to everyone, so you can slow down and take the time to cross roads safely without costing points, but also make this a part of the fun and challenge of the event itself.

Introducing Time Bonus Checkpoints!

On the map, there will be the usual 20 numbered checkpoints , but there will also be five additional Time Bonus checkpoints out there, marked on the map with A, B, C, D, and E.

These five lettered checkpoints don’t earn any points towards your result.


At each of these extra checkpoints, on the usual striped tape, there is a number between 1 and 20. Write this number down in the correct box on your map as usual, to show you visited.

When you collect each number, if you also visit the matching numbered checkpoint, to make a pair, this will earn you an extra 3 minutes of event time, that’s added to your 45 minutes allowed without late penalty. This is to compensate for being patient when crossing roads safely.

You won’t know the numbers beforehand, that’s part of the fun!

If you collect a bonus number, you might find:

  1. You’ve already visited the numbered checkpoint beforehand, so you’ll instantly earn 3 extra minutes, with nothing more to do. Carry on navigating and use your extra minutes wisely! Be safe, and perhaps plan to visit another numbered checkpoint or two, to improve your score.
  2. You haven’t visited the numbered checkpoint, and decide it’s worth getting. You might have already planned to get it anyway, or you might modify and replan your route to visit that number and earn the 3 extra minutes. Again, use the extra time wisely. There’s no requirement to immediately go to the numbered checkpoint next – you might get a bonus number early in your run, and choose to visit it right at the end…
  3. You haven’t visited the numbered control, but decide that it is too far away, not part of your route plan, or the effort to get to it outweighs the benefit of the 3 extra minutes. You can simply choose to let it go, carry on navigating as you were planning to, and not gain the 3 extra minutes.

Earning bonus time doesn’t need significant additional effort or distance. Each pair is in the same general area or on logical route choices, not far distant across the other side of the map.

Earn all five bonus time pairs, and you’ve got a whole HOUR to collect the 20 numbered checkpoints and get 200 points.

If this is all too complicated, or you just want to run a “purist BUNS” race with only the 20 numbered checkpoints, maps will be available that don’t include the bonus checkpoints, so you can run the 20 numbered ones without the extras getting in the way.

Ian Chennell (Executive Pâtissier)