We enjoyed another good event at Mt Helen last week. Thanks go to Bun for planning the course and to James for his additions to the map. The area provided some nice variety having suburbia, forest and parkland plus a bit of wild country in the easements behind the houses. Clever course setting by Bun had everybody going to at least half of the checkpoints and some of the racehorses getting to all sites. One racehorse managed to get them all in 30 mins! We will have to hobble him next time. We also had no late finishers, so we are all improving- getting more controls in a shorter time. The only disappointing part of the event was the non appearance of Bun- so it was only a double BUN, not the Triple BUN we’d been promised.
A popular and speedy route to get to all of them was the sequence 1-3-17-5-6-7-19-10-8-16-20-15-14-13-12-18-11-2-9-4. or vica versa. This was about 6km of running.
Next event is on Thursday 9 November at Inkerman Gully in North Ballarat. Start is on Simpson St, just north of the junction with Walker St, at a small parking area with access to Inkerman Gully. Look for the Eureka flag. Again we will be treated to exploring new areas with an extension of the map to the north up to the Western Freeway- perhaps a chance to see parts of Ballarat you’ve not been in before. The big question is….Will there be bun at BUNS?
Results from last week are below.
Hope you can all be there next week.
Geoff    200 points,  in 39.35
Peter    140 points, in 43.50
James   200 points, in 39.48 (he lost the sprint finish with Geoff, but tried hard. His legs were still suffering 2 days later)
Anar     200 points, 43.41
Rod      200 points, 43.35
Dave    ? points, 44.29
Anita    140 points, 44.40
BJ         110 points, 44.18
Aaron, Hannah and Luke   110 points, 41.04
Blake   170 points, 44.03
Mike    140 points, 44.40
Ian       180 points, 45.00
Dave    200 points, 30.30