Hi all,

A couple of days left before the Club Relays team structures need to be locked in, so please read the attached info, then let me know by return email ASAP which course you would like to enter, if you’re still “on the fence” about entering.

If you already know who you want to run with, sending me a complete team of three is even better!

I need team entries in by THIS FRIDAY 29 March.

The Club Relays are quite relaxed, great fun, and also a great opportunity to earn a lot of points in one event for Eureka in the Rockhopper Trophy.

We have NINE confirmed starters so far, so that’s three complete teams already.  Would be great to get another full team together!!

The following teams are confirmed (but not in final running order yet):

Course 1
Aislinn P, Geoff L and Rod G

Course 2
Blake G, Dale G and Jenny L

Mixed Length
Judy P, Roch P and Ian C

Also a reminder that our last Maprun event in the current series is at Lake Esmond this Sunday from 5pm.

Regards, Ian