Hi everyone,

Time has (very nearly!) caught us out this year – what with everything going on recently, we haven’t yet held our 2018 AGM, and it is meant to be done by the end of April…

So, the 2018 AGM will be an evening meeting at ELC this Tuesday evening, 30 April at 7pm, following on from the 6.15pm ELC monthly meeting that Blake and Mark will be attending. If that meeting overruns, we will start as soon as we can.

One agenda item we need to do is the acceptance of the 2017 AGM Minutes, which are attached. Please let me know by reply email if you note any errors or inconsistencies.

Last year’s Minutes will also provide the agenda and flow for this meeting – we will be going through the same headings.

Items for General Business, plus any Apologies, can be emailed by reply to this message.

From my perspective as Secretary, the only thing I absolutely have to do, in or right after the meeting, is submit the club’s annual submission to Consumer Affairs, and pay the annual fee for the club’s Incorporated status. The submission is simple – financial details, like income and expenditure for the 2018 club financial year (1 Dec 2017 to 30 Nov 2018), assets and liabilities held at 30 Nov 2018 (from the Treasurer’s Report), and the club membership numbers for 2018 (from Eventor = 40 Adults and 9 Juniors).

Apologies for the rather short notice for this, and the absence of the usual AGM lunch this time.

Regards, Ian Chennell (Secretary)