Hi everyone,
After an enjoyable run at Sailors Creek today, receiving the following news via Roch Prendergast is very difficult to process…
Rob Plowright, a very long-term member of Eureka Orienteers over many years, and who was especially active with EU in the 1980s and 1990s, is undoubtedly one of the orienteering world’s most proficient and prolific mapmakers.
Very sadly, Rob passed away suddenly on Friday 29 April of a heart attack. Rob has lived in Japan in recent years with his partner Masumi.
Eureka Orienteers sends our deepest condolences to Masumi, and to Rob’s family and friends. The orienteering world, and Eureka, has lost an icon of our sport.
Regards, Ian
Pic: Rob Plowright (AUS 2) being tagged by Rob Vincent, running 2nd leg (of four) for Australia in the 1985 World Orienteering Championships Relay, Fryerstown, 6 Sep 1985. Australia placed 8th overall.