Hi everyone
Well finally we are going to get this event run after 3 attempts in 2020 and 2021! Here is the draft plan for the weekend.
Saturday Toby and Blake put out controls – 21 MTBO and 25 foot-o controls – in the north end of the forest; Ian charged up all the SIAC plate controls are air-less punching from 1.5 metres for MTBO and 30cm for foot o. Ian to revise the entry lists due to cancelations from COVID (Vandendool, Hatley, Scott and kids Gavens)
Sunday. 8am Blake to put out signs ; Toby to put out controls in Pax Hill camp 8:45 Toby/ Blake to set up start on Spencer Street; Mark, Gary and Ian set up Finish computer, finish control and printer; Dale, Terry and Penelope set up the Registration and map distribution; Parking – BJ, Karen and Warwick 10:00 First starters – Blake ; Eureka riders and runners start when Rego slows down (Mark, Gary, Warwick, Karen, Iyke, Terry, Ian, BJ) 12:00 Last start for both MTBO and foot ; pack up Rego (Dale and BJ) 2:00 Control Collection – organised by Toby and Blake; pack up Finish ( Ian and Gary) 3:45 All gear packed up and back in EU store – with a bit of luck from weather; lock back gate and tidy up hall porch and toilets
Let’s hope the weather gods are listening and we get a breezey but mainly dry day.
Cheers Dale and Blake

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