Hi members and friends

We’ve has the first two events very successful events at Mt Beckworth (thanks Chris and Glenda Norwood) and yesterday’s Brown Hill event (thanks Gary Buchan, Ian Chennell, and Blake) in this years version of the Ballarat Winter Series.

But we need your help this weekend at Pax Hill ActivityCentre – comer of Fussell and Spencer Street – adjacent to Woowookarung. Toby Cooper, Ian C and Blake G have been busy getting this event to run (three COVID postponements in 2021 and 2022) – but it is definitely ON this Sunday.
Saturday: Toby and Blake will be setting controls in the north part of Woowookarung (formerly Canadian Forest) Regional Park

Sunday morning 
Toby, Dale and Blake need help with
  • Registration and map distribution under cover at the Pax Hill Hall for 9.30 to 12.00 noon – 3 or 4 helpers (two shifts – change over at 10.30)
  • Parking on the tracks within the camp boundaries close to the hall – 2 or 3 helpers
  • Newcomer orientation to our great sport – how to use SI, use compass and interpret map symbols – 2 or 3 helpers
  • Finish and results team under Gary and Ian’s direction 2 or 3 helpers (2 shifts)
  • Start team to monitor the starters on both foot and mtbo courses from 9.30 to 12.00 noon – 4 or 5 helpers (two shifts)
  • Control pick up – on foot, on bikes or by car; with 55 controls out in the forest and tracks we’ll need – 4 or 5 helpers 

So even if you are not running or walking, please volunteer to help. If you are competing we can fit your run / cycle in so PLEASE contact Dale or Blake on 0487 420 183 or 0428 317 937 or by email on blakegordon1@bigpond.com before Saturday. Our sport is really getting new people involved – so put  our hand up and share some time to help us run a quality event.