Good morning All and thank you for volunteering to assist at these events.

  1. Grand Prix

Ian and I had a fruitful meeting with Warren Key and others regarding the layout and organisation required to manage this new event on Saturday September 24 in Daylesford.

We will be assisted by Warren and his team on the day but it will still require maximum input from our Club.

We will be organising volunteers into a Start and a Finish Team and that will be fixed for both the Elite event and the Public races.  The Start team will also manage the Re-start for the Elite runners.  It will be hectic!

If you are not running in the Victorian Middle Distance Championships on Saturday morning, please arrive at the Start location in Ruthven St by 10am.  There is a large amount of taping to set up and an extensive briefing on your role will be conducted.

If you are running please come to the Start location as soon as you are able.  I would suggest that Eureka people try to park in the streets to the west of the Start area, Springs, Millar and West as Ruthven and Bridport will be blocked off.  Most participants will park in the streets to the east of the event.  You will need to bring whatever you need for the remainder of the day with you

Even if you are running in the Grand Prix you will be able to assist with the Elite race as there is a break before the Public Races.


  1. Teachers Games

This event is coming quickly, Sunday September 18 in Geelong.  The initial meeting point for everyone helping with this event is at Deakin Uni, Waterfront Campus, Level 2 Gallery – see attachment, at 10.15am.  The first event will start at 11am, second at 2pm and third at 3pm (meaning there is a one hour lunch break between the end of Event 1 and start of Event 2).  Your assistance all day will be greatly appreciated, but if any of you are not able to manage the whole day please let me know.  Once you arrive you will be allocated to an Activity station or an Admin position – you will have written instructions for whatever you are allocated to and you will be able to drive close to the point.  You will have the ability to move in the one hour break to get lunch, drop into the admin centre or generally stretch your legs, so long as you are back in position for the 2pm start. Please come prepared for the full range of weather conditions.  At the conclusion of Event 3 at 5pm, please drop anything back to Deakin if you need to and then you are free to head back home.


I will have more to say regarding the Relay Day at Chewton in coming days.

Many thanks again



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