Hi everyone
The time to decide if you want to be in a Eureka relay team on the 2nd April has come! Blake needs to know by Friday 18th March if you want a relay spot and which course would you like to do. Eureka has to reserve teams slots in the relay by 20th March. You DO NOT need enter on Eventor in the individual entry slot – Blake will manage your entry and sort out the teams.
Also Blake will take your suggestions of teams (nominate yourself and two other members) AFTER you have called them to insure they are coming!
So just email me your name, course, and SI number. The club has extra SI sticks which we will lend you on the day if you don’t have an SI stick (doesn’t need to be SIAC).
I already know that the 3 Goonans are coming (Richard in a C1 or C2; Nerrina and Athene in a C4 with another girl). Remember EU is paying the fee so please take advantage to “run free” at the relay and be part of our big event for 2023!
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