Hi everyone,
The Ballarat Winter Series event at Yuille Wetlands this Sunday has been cancelled, due to the cold weather, wet conditions on the map, and a lack of entries. We only had four confirmed starters as of this morning, which wasn’t going to make it worthwhile printing the maps. We would also be running concurrent with a MelBushO at Westerfolds, that would mean we wouldn’t be getting a lot of Melbourne entries this week.
I was out there yesterday tagging control sites, and it’s completely saturated everywhere and quite slippery on the steep tracks. Noone would have kept dry feet, and we don’t need to risk ankle injuries.
I will keep the courses aside to run later on, when the weather is better, either later this year on a free weekend, or in one of next year’s series.
Next one is at Fed Uni on Sunday 9 July, with BJ setting courses. Assembly at the Y Building car park off University Drive at the Gear Avenue end at this stage.
Regards, Ian