Late September ’09 Eureka News

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Sep 252009

Hi all

Thought I’d catch up on a couple of recent happenings as we drizzle/rain into spring in Ballarat.

  • Eureka’s big event for 2009 – the Australian Schools Individual Championships / Mid-Week Match Race Mayhem – is just about set to go. The trailer is packed, controls ready to go out on Monday, and the set-up team for Monday (with DR/CH/TK help) should provide a great area for Tuesday’s event. Please be on time on Tuesday (or before time) so that the events starting at 9.00 am and lasting until 4.00 pm will run smoothly. It will be a long day – but Lesley assures me there will be cakes for the workers (one of the fringe benefits of being a EU member!!).
  • No Eureka cake stall for Sunday’s Victorian Long-Distance Championships OR the Tuesday Schools events.
  • Our new SI Schools Kit system will be delivered at the Australian Championships. It is a major investment – $8600 worth – but should make our local events and school orienteering much more professional.
  • Our second big expense of the month – a new Toshiba laptop ($1550) – is with Ian Chennell being loaded with SI, OCAD, Condes, maps and other programs so that it will be another great addition to the EU technology.
  • Our Rockhopper position on the state ladder is presently 5th (655 points) behind BG, NE, BK and YV BUT the executive has calculated a massive 610 points for administrative / participation points. So after Sunday’s last event in the series (Vic Champs) we should not lose much ground on the 4 leading clubs – at least we should improve on our 7th place last year.
  • Going into the final round – the Vic Long Distance Champs – Tom (M80A) and Aislinn (W21E) are unbeatable positions in their age classes, while Anitra (W35-44A) can top her class with a top 3 placing. Looks like minor placings for Roch, Chris, Dale, and Judy but there may be some surprises.
  • The map for the 2009 Cyclic Navigator is finished according to Anitra and Ken. Keep the last Sunday in November free for a ride on the southwest side of Daylesford or help out on the day.
  • …and sad news of the death of Doug Bartram on Wednesday 23rd September. Doug was one of the founding members of the EU club back in 1975. He will be remembered as the miner on the 1991 Easter 3-Days mug and the Courier photo of his face framed in a toilet seat on one of Eureka’s clean-ups of Canadian Forest.  Funeral is scheduled for 30th September at 2.30pm at the St John’s Anglican Church, Armstrong Street North, Ballarat.

Cheers, Blake

Can you name…?

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Sep 212009

Just ran across this EU club photo from the Vic Relays back in the early 1990’s – how many people can you name from each photo and which people are STILL running!!!

Vic Relays early 1990s

Roster for Schools Champs Tuesday 29 Sep

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Sep 212009

Here is the final draft of the Roster for Tuesday at Brown’s Reef. Any corrections or additions, contact Blake.

Set up on Monday 28th Sept (from 11 am)           Blake Gordon, Warwick Williams, John Erwin, Dandenong Ranges (TK,CH) team

Checking/Setting Controls                                  Chris Norwood, Evan Barr (BG)

Pick up Toilets/Sun Shades                                Warwick, Blake, John

Tuesday Roster

Schools Liaison/Registration (7.30 – 11.00)          Judith Staudte, Helen Haebich, Lesley Norwood (after 10.30)

Parking (7.30 to 9.30)                                          Russell Bourke, John Erwin, Terry Haebich, Warwick Williams (until 9.00)

Start (8.30 – 11.30) Aus Schools Individual           Mark Valentine, Geoff Lawford, Jenny Bourne, Judy Prendergast, Anitra Dowling

Results (9.30 – 11.30)                                          Jenny Erwin, Glenda Norwood, Dale Ann Gordon

SI Finish (9 – 12)                                                 Ian Chennell, Aislinn Prendergast, Warwick Williams

Start (12.30 – 2.00 pm) Match-Race       Dale Ann Gordon, Tom Norwood, Chris Norwood,

SI Finish (12 noon – 3.00)                      Terry Haebich, Ian Lawford, Belinda Lawford, Glenda Norwood

Finish/Results (12 noon – 3.00)              Jenny Erwin, Helen Haebich                  

Commentary (all day)                             Blair Trewin, Bruce Arthur, Bruce Paterson, Blake Gordon

Victorian Team Coach (all day)               Roch Prendergast

Control Collection (after 3.30)                 Chris Norwood (to organise)

Runners in the MWMRace                      Geoff Lawford, Jenny Bourne, John Erwin, Aislinn Prendergast, Judy Prendergast, Ian Chennell, others

How to Get There

From Melbourne: Travel on the Calder Highway(A300)to the outskirts of Bendigo (suburb Kangaroo Flat), turn left on the Bendigo to Maryborough Road (C277), turn right at the first roundabout into Olympic Parade, turn left at MacKenzie Street and follow o-signs on dirt roads to the assembly area off Brown Road.

View Larger Map

September EUREKA Newsletter

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Sep 162009

Hi all

Only two weeks to go to the biggest event of the season for Eureka – the Australian Schools Individual Champs at Brown’s Reef (just west of Bendigo) and the Mid-Week Match Race Mayhem. Thanks to Ken Dowling (Worldwide map printing guru) we already have the beautiful maps for both events two weeks before the event!

I have just about completed the roster for the Tuesday 29th September event, but several of you have not responded to my calls for help. So far I have positive responses (+ area they will be working in at this point) from the following members. You will be able to have a run in the pm – so make it a day out and make the day a resounding success

Set up on Monday 28th Sept (from 11 am)           Blake Gordon, Warwick Williams, John Erwin, Dandenong Ranges (TK,CH) team

Checking/Setting Controls                                  Chris Norwood, Evan Barr (BG)

Pick up Toilets/Sun Shades                               Warwick, Blake, John                

Tuesday Roster

Schools Liaison at Registration              Judith Staudte, Lesley Norwood, … and others needed

Parking                                                 Russell Bourke, John Erwin … and others needed

Start (morning) Aus Schools                  Mark Valentine, Geoff Lawford, Jenny Bourne, Judy Prendergast, Anitra Dowling

Results (morning)                                  Two people needed

Start (afternoon) Match-Race                 Dale Gordon, Tom Norwood, Chris Norwood …and others needed

SI Finish                                               Ian Chennell, Aislinn Prendergast, Warwick Williams, Dale Gordon

SI Finish (after 1 pm)                             Ian Chennell, Ian Lawford, Belinda Lawford

Commentary                                         Blair Trewin, Bruce Arthur, Bruce Paterson, Blake Gordon, …. and others needed

Victorian Team Coach (all day)               Roch Prendergast

I have not heard from Peter Jones, Stephen Balharrie, Mick Mutton, Dicksons, Blooms, Haebichs, Christophers, Bices, Kelly Stock, Heather Grenon, Hayden Lebbink and several others. Please email me on and help us on the day (or the day before or the day after). I’ll send a more detailed roster on Thursday after I’ve heard from you.

Because the Australian Schools Relays and Goal Fever will use some of our controls and the entire set-up of tents, sun shades and signage, we will not be able to pack up until Wednesday afternoon. Blake plans to bring the loaded Eureka trailer up to Bendigo on Monday morning and return on Wednesday afternoon to be unloaded about 5.30 on Wednesday at the 6 York Street store. So that’s the plan.

WORKING BEE at the ELC – this Saturday, 19th September 9.15 to 11.30am . We need to dig some narrow ditches before the slab can be poured. So bring shovels, and related digging gear with you.

Cheers Blake

August EUREKA newsletter

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Aug 172009

Hi all

Well we had a go at Plenty River with 6 teams entered – but a migraine (Jim) and a mind fade (Tom) – wiped out three teams results. But we did score a second and a third (I think – as the results have yet to be posted on the VOA site) so we should score 70 points or so.

  • Hope springs eternal this Sunday at “Butterfly Jim” when the second-last state series event (Rockhopper points to be scored) at Daylesford. This popular map was the Vic Middle Distance Champs last year – and this year BK has done a new cut of the area which has the lot – pine forest, eucalypt and goldmining. If we can get a good number of our juniors and new members along with the veterans, we should top the 100 points for the second time this year! So get online HERE and do your entry – or just show up on the day and hope they have extra pre-marked maps!
  • It is CAKE STALL so drop your creation off at the EU tent, have a run, and then come back and talk about how you “could have been” a champion!
  • There are several new EU caps left (cheap at $9) and two polar fleece jumpers (at $15) – so see the ladies at the Cake stall so you’ll look your EU best at the upcoming Bushranger Carnival.

We now have about 170 signed up for the Mid-Week Mayhem (in the afternoon) + the 140 School Boys and Girls (in the morning). Please sign up in the EUREKA team to run this Tuesday 29th September event with Blake at the Cake Stall. See you on Sunday.



New Storeroom Progresses

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Aug 052009

The East Leisure Centre (ELC) Eureka O-Club storeroom project is entering the building phase (with demolition complete).


Mark takes a look at the old toilet seat – covered for years by a false floor:

New Storeroom Progresses Aug 2009


Mark surveys the site of the new EU storeroom – about the size of a garage at the ELC Ballarat. Next step – a slab to build on:

New Storeroom Progresses Aug 2009


Tom and Mark at work demolishing the area for the new EU storeroom (about the size of a garage) at the ELC (East Leisure Centre – just south of the Coles and Woolworth carpark in downtown Ballarat):

New Storeroom Progresses Aug 2009

SPORTident School Set

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Aug 052009

EU will purchase the SportIdent Schools Kit + 20 extra SI control stations.  Here’s a picture of Bendigo’s kit:

SPORTident Schools Set

This photo does not show the compact processor and splits printer, which is almost fully automatic in “guessing” which course you ran, based on other downloads.

Message 2 from Aislinn

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Jul 102009

Dear Eureka members,

I apologise for having not written for quite some time! Italy seems to have an odd internet system whereby you need to register before using any of their services…I must say it put me off and I have since realised the inadequacy of my small amount of Italian!

I hope you are all well and not too freezing as I hear the weather is a tad cold down in Victoria. The weather is wildly varying up here in Fiera di Primiero – it rains at some point every day and there are quite often large thunderstorms during the night, regardless of whether the sky was clear and blue at the beginning of the day.

I must say, however, that the scenery in this part of Italy is truly amazing. It’s almost surreal to be running an orienteering event with 3000m high mountains as the backdrop. I wish I could show you some of the photos but sady I don’t have a camera cord. Yesterday we took a cable car up to the top of one of the peaks and the views were spectacular!

Anyway, down to the story of the last few days! We moved up to Fiera di Primiero on Saturday having had a good experience on our training camp in Cesuna. We are all staying in a very fancy hotels and get fed 5 courses at almost every meal, which is amazing considering we are staying in the B accomodation!

On Sunday we made our way up to San Martino di Castrozza for a model event, sampling some green, rocky and at times techinical terrain. In the evening was the Opening Ceremony, certainly the best JWOC Opening I have seen (though I haven’t seen many). We participated in a big parade through the centre of town and were cheered along by locals, visiting orienteering clubs and our Australian posse. The ceremony took place in the central piazza complete with a floral compass and big screens. The entertainment was good – a few cultural dances and music as well as a modern song by an Italian artist called ‘Running Through the Trees’ – very catchy!

Monday morning was time for a model Sprint course, giving us a taste of the tricky laneways and market gardens characterising these small Italian towns. In the afternoon came our first JWOC race – the Sprint Final in Mezzano, just down the Valley. True to predictions, the course was technical and tricky, lots of retracing your steps and entering controls from bizzare directions. Some of us had successful races, others lost concentration at the vital moment and lost costly seconds. Our places ended up as below
29. Aislinn Prendergast   41. Lachlan Dow
64. Belinda Lawford        59. Josh Blatchford
65. Bridget Anderson      98. Max Neve
86. Lilian Burrill              126. Leon Keely
88. Krystal Neumann      146. Callum Fagg
97. Sarah Buckerfield       Oscar Phillips mp
I was quite pleased with my result – I took it steady in the trickier bits and hard in the clear. It is definitely my best JWOC result so far! The winner of the Women’s race was Jenny Longvist from Sweden, and in the Men’s Mathias Kyburz of Switzerland came out on top.

Tuesday morning began our Long Distance race at Passo Rolle, higher up the valley and watched over by some amazing Dolomites mountains. The weather turned nasty halfway into the day with a huge deluge of rain and some terrifying thunderclaps. With so many competitors, the starts ran over 6 hours, and many were caught out in the awful conditions. The map itself was extremely technical with not only alot of contour detail but many cliffs and boulders as well. The climb was a little under 5 percent but it seemed to me distributed well so that I was never aware of an awful upward slope. Again, the results for the Australian team were mixed – some kept their heads among the detail and orienteered cleanly, whereas others became baffled and spent time running in circles. Our results are as below
65. Bridget Anderson     35. Lachlan Dow
66 Krystal Neumann      57. Josh Blatchford
75. Lillian Burrill            66. Leon Keely
77. Aislinn Prendergast  93. Callum Fagg
83. Belinda Lawford       99. Max Neve
102. Sarah Buckerfield   122. Oscar Phillips
I personally had a devestatingly bad run! The long is my favourite distance but I made a few errors early and then, thrown by that, did not have an attackpoint for number 4 and spent 28 minutes looking for it, a fatal mistake in a JWOC race! I ran the rest of the race very cleanly and was exhausted in the end but to no avail. The winners today were Ida Bobach from Denmark in the Womens and Gustav Bergman from Sweden in the Mens.

Yesterday was our rest day and we took a trip up to Passo Rosetta by cable car, an experience I wouldn’t have missed! The afternoon was spent relaxing in our hotel.

Today was the Middle Distance Qualification. It dawned cloudy today but luckily the rain mostly held off! We began the race at the top of one of the hills overlooking San Martino di Castrozza and finished in the town itself. The map seemed not as technical as the long with much more simple contours and some rock detail. Each athlete starts the race at the same time as two others and is randomly assigned a heat. At the end of the race the first 20 places in each heat moves through to the A final. Unfortunately today saw no smiles from the Australian team with costly errors all around, and no A final qualifications, though I myself missed out by 31 seconds, Sarah by 32, and Leon by a confusing mp which seemed more a fault in his SI stick (but who knows). Hopefully we will all be able to have some confidence-restoring runs tomorrow in the B final and come out on top for Aus in the relay!

I hope that I have given you a bit of an insight into what’s going on up here, I can’t thank you all enough for your support and kind words and I hope you’re all well back home!

Aislinn Prendergast

P.S Bridget often puts some photos and news on our Attack Point site, if you’re interested here is the website:

Message 1 from Aislinn

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Jul 012009

Hi All! Sorry this is brief but I have only a little bit of time. Hope you are all well and happy in Aus!

I will tell you a bit about what I have been up to! So I flew into Dubai on Thursday morning really early and me and Belinda went to our hotel by taxi which was terrifying because the drivers in Dubai are crazy! Later we took a bus to the beach…it was 45 degrees and very humid in Dubai so we thought a bit of water would be nice but the water was like 35 degrees anyway! We had to pay like 2 dollars to get into this ‘beach park’ which was actually this very beautiful place with nice lawns and gardens. There was this weird old guy trying to chat us up…it was a bit weird but we got away. Later we met our friend Lillian from the plane and we went on this tour which was like 30 bucks for all of us for an hour and this nice guy drove us to the Gold Market, the old Presidential Palace with these little shops, this beach that you DIDNT have to pay for, the big famous sail-shaped hotel that Tiger Woods played golf on and that man-made island which is shaped like a palm! It was awesome but very hot and we were tired by the end.

The next day we met a few more Aussies in the airport and flew to Venice. We went to our accomodation (cabins) and we took a trip into Venice, took a few photos and had some Gelati and dinner. It was beautiful! That night there was the biggest, scariest thunderstorm I have ever been in, but luckily nothing nearby got hit by lightening. Seems like so far there has been thunderstorms every night! The next day we headed back to Venice and we did a sprint around the city, it was hard but heaps of fun. We then spent the day touring around and went to St Marks square and the beach, all of which were pretty breathtaking.

The next day we headed off to Cesuna in the mountains where we began our training camp. The forest is very rocky, green and dark and a fair bit harder than I thought. We saw some amazing mountains on the way up to our camp. We have spent the last few days driving around Asiago and the mountain area and doing some intense training.

Better go, out of time! Until next time