Minutes 18 March 2013

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Dec 192013

Eureka Orienteers 2013.1 Minutes – Club Meeting

Date: Monday 18th March 2013

Venue: Eastwood Leisure Complex

Time: 7:30-9.30

Apologies: Tom and Lesley Norwood

Present: Mark Valentine, Blake Gordon, Roch Prendergast, Ernie Christopher, Geoff Lawford, Jenny Lawford, Ian Chennell; by Skype – Beatrice Johnson, Ken Dowling. Dale Ann Gordon

New Member: Seth Hanrahan’s application was approved. Seth (M-12) will be at Easter 3-Days.

Treasurer’s Report: Follow up 2012 AGM motions to buy TV’s and OCAD11 mapping programs $1396 – Two Soniq 48” TV’s for results display and connections – used at Mt Beckworth $1130 – One OCAD 11 upgrade + One OCAD 11 Standard mapping program –use at Ultra Long $1025 – 36 Aluminium T-bar control stands – from November 2012 meeting, support UL event $749 – Support of Ultra Long event; ten SI 10 cards (hire or purchase)

General Discussion:

1. Easter 2013 Jenny Lawford discussed organisation for Eureka’s commitment to the first day of Easter. Members will be notified of jobs and responsibilities by email.

2. Easter Results Eureka’s TV’s may be used for results display at Easter. Hire fee of $50 per day sought from VOA.

3. Ultra Long. Geoff Lawford outlined the process for the running and organisation of the event on the Saturday 6th April 2013. Running of the event will require 2 people at the finish and 3 at registration. Volunteers will be needed from 7.30 am to set up and hang maps. Advertising of the event will be ramped up – only 27 entrants at this stage.

4. SportIdent Basics Ian Chennell gave a presentation on use of SI at events. Concentrated on what is required pre event to ensure all the units run correctly and work in the field.

5. Review: Use of Skype for the meeting. Problems with dropping in and out and difficulty with sound quality. Lost two attendees mid meeting due to these problems. Next meeting we will try using the WiFi at ELC to support the Skype contacts.

Meeting closed 9:30pm

Next meetings: Monday, 15 April 2013, 7.30pm at Eastwood Leisure Complex; Topic – SI in Finish Tent (How to run SI at the event) – Ian Chennell

Monday, 13 May 2013, 7.30pm at Eastwood Leisure Complex; Topic – Volunteer Recruitment and Recognition / New Members

Minutes 15 April 2013

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Dec 192013

Minutes of Eureka Club Meeting Mon 15th April 2013

Present:  Blake Gordon, Mark Valentine, B Johnson, Monica Dixon, Ernie Christopher, Ian Chennell, Jenny Bourne, Geoff Lawford, Roch Prendergast, Ken Dowling(Skype)

Treasures Report: See Blakes Attachment

Club voted to have a working Fund of $2000 to support Juniors. To help with Travel, entry fees and gear.

Club Endorsed a new member: M16 Dale Marsh

Club thanked the M and W 55 group for all the great work and events run since the beginning of the 2013 year.

Ken raised the point that MTBO event are possibly overpriced as the numbers are low. More may be encouraged to take part if the fee was less. Blake to raise the issue at a MTBO meeting at State Champs

Upcoming events: Cyclic Navigator on Mon of the Queens Birth. Wknd; MTBO Champs Early June; Urban Sprint event in Nov. Includes Vic Sprint Champs; Amazing Ballarat Dec. 2013

The big heavy results boards have been donated to Bayside.

Storage of TV’s was discussed. At this stage Ian is looking after them. If anyone would like to house one but ensure that it is available when required by the club, then contact Blake.

Club voted to approach Jan Irwin to help BJ with first aide at events.

Jenny raise the issue of running local events. This raised the point of club numbers and lack of growth of both senior and junior members in the club.

All club members are invited to submit their thoughts and ideas for our next meeting in regard to promotion and development of programs to develop the club.

What events should we run locally? If so how, who and when? What should we do to promote and encourage more people to participate in club events? How could a junior development program be implemented in the club.(should we do it)? Please submit your ideas by posting them on the all members email account (allmembers@eurekaorienteers.asn.au )so that those who attend the next meeting can discuss the issue and the ideas. The main topic of discussion will revolve around this issue. Discussion will begin at 7:30 pm

Last order of business was a presentation run by Ian Chennell on running and trouble shooting problems associated with SI in the finish tent at an event.

Meeting Closed 9:00PM

Minutes 15 July 2013

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Dec 192013

Notes from Eureka Meeting held at ELC July 15, 2013

Present : Mark Valentine, Blake Gordon, Ian Chennell, Ken Dowling(in the ether)

Apologies : BJ Johnson, Roch Prendergast

Details :

  1. Blake reported re healthy state of finances and mentioned the following – Need for a quote from Ian Lawford) on Grammar map for use at Vic Sprint Champs; Proposed that first donation from new Junior Development Fund go to Declan Dickson for entry fees into Australian and ACT MTBO Champs – $120; Donations almost sorted from Cyclic Navigator; Mt Clear end of Canadian to be priority for Roch as soon as he can with events in September and probably January.
  2. Mark indicated that General Property Insurance is available on items which are either housed at member’s homes or moved between shed/homes and events. It would cover theft from locked premises/vehicles and accidental damage. Cost for a $10,000 cover would likely be in order of $500-600pa. Mark to get formal quotes and submit to next meeting.
  3. Next local series event is Sunday July 21, thanks to Warwick. Start/Finish is rotunda in Chisholm St Reserve from 10am.
  4. Testimonial Dinner for Tom Norwood is at Crown Hotel in Buninyong on Sat August 10, 5.30pm for 6pm. Please send RSVP to Mark. Mark to organize booking.
  5. Noted that Ken will be doing upgrade on MTBO track network in Canadian Forest on a free trial basis, much appreciated.
  6. Ballarat Health Services have asked for a special aMAZEing Ballarat as part of their Global Challenge Walking program. Mark to action for them on Sunday August 18. Insurance questions have been sorted with OV.
  7. Discussion on webpage layout, design and content yielded a number of suggestions which will be organized by Ian in coming weeks – please log in to assess improvements and alterations and offer your comments. One such item to be placed on front page will be a weekly update on what’s on for Eureka.
  8. Next Meeting August 19 – Topic : Facebook and Social Media – looking for input from the young’uns !!