Hi all

Eureka’s big event of this year (over 500 keen participants) – yet another one – is rapidly approaching. We need your help to make it go well down in Geelong at the Vic Teacher’s Games on Sunday (same date as the Vic Long Champs at Linton). So far Mark has Toby C (compere), Sam V (course setter), Mark V (finish), Blake (finish) – but that is it!  This is a final appeal for helpers – Gary? Rob? BJ? Monica? Helen? Heather? Michael Wyatt? Geoff ? Jenny? Rod? Tim? – please contact Mark on mark.valentine@ballaratbasketball.com  so he can give you a specific job (running activities, finish, registration). If you contact Ted VanG he can organise an early start time so that you can do the two events. This event is half as big as the Oceania events coming up at the end of the month – and we know how many helpers they have! So let Mark hear from you!

Thanks to Roch, Gary and Rob for setting up good events over the past fortnight at Enfield, Fed Uni, and yesterday at Union Jack. There is one more at Fed Uni this Wednesday (free!) from 4-6pm. Gary has set a mtbo course to challenge those on wheels as well as the foot-o participants. The weather is improving so get out and stretch those muscles and brains.

Welcome back BJ (from her Asian teaching overseas) and those lucky ones (Lawford’s, Prendergast’s) who have been recently in the warmth of the end of summer in the northern hemisphere.

Congratulations Gary for his two M35 Long-Distance titles (South Australia and Tasmania) over the past few weeks. Now give somebody else a chance Gary at the Vic Long Distance at Linton this weekend.

Congratulations to Mark and his team at the new Ballarat Sports and Event Centre on their first big game – over 2800 watched the Melbourne/Illawara game on Friday night. From Mark’s reports the BSEC team learned heaps about such big events (the Minerdome only held 1300!) and how a box office player really draws the crowds!