Hi everyone,


Gary has started organising some “MapRun Mondays” events, using the existing library of MapRun events we set up during CoVID lockdown time.


It would be good to set up a few more MapRun events, so we’ve got some variety and some new areas to explore.


I’d therefore like to run a 2- to 3-hour workshop, probably at ELC either one evening, or on a weekend, to show anyone interested how to set up a MapRun event, make a map with Open Orienteering Maps, add contours to it, etc. General idea will be to walk through the steps required, as we each set up a new map and MapRun event in a new area. Then we can go and run the new events on upcoming MapRun Mondays. So have a think beforehand about interesting parts of Ballarat and surrounds, that you think might be good for a BUNS-style 45-60 minute score/scatter run.


Everyone will need a laptop to work on – Eureka has three available, but if you have a suitable laptop, please bring it along. You will need the following applications installed. All are free – if you’re not sure about installing, we can cover installing them in the workshop, but it would be good to download the installation files beforehand:



  • Purple Pen – used to make an orienteering event map out of an Open Orienteering Maps base map:  https://purple-pen.org/


  • QGIS – (optional) used to add contour overlays to Open Orienteering Maps using Eureka’s Lidar data:  https://qgis.org/en/site/


We will also use online resources, like Open Orienteering Maps to make base maps, and the MapRun admin portal to create and configure events. Internet access for the workshop will be provided, we can use the Eureka hotspot we use at events for live results.


If this is of interest, please reply to me at ian@chennell.com, and I’ll get things organised. Maybe before Christmas, but more likely to be early in the new year.


Cheers, Ian