Hello All
Tonight is Ballarat Monday MapRun #2 – Don Lead.
Today it will be parking and starting from Urquhart Street, next to the Western Oval.
There are lots of little streets that go in behind houses and often look just like a driveway making you have to check for the street again. It is always interesting to discover how many other streets there actually arr other than Eyre, Dana, Pleasant and Drummond! If you are a really good runner you may even make it to Vic Park, just! 
If you want to look at the map beforehand you can search for Eureka MapRum Maps which will take you to the following page.
Then look for Don Lead. There is only one version at this site and it is a 45minute score course. The only scoring being that the more controls you get, the higher is your score!!
We can also talk about where the name Don Lead comes from too. If anyone turns up that is!
Remember, you don’t have to attend today but you can set down a MapRun time at any point. I am advising all this because I am trying to encourage the repeated adventuring out to explore the streets of Ballarat, get some exercise and try to improve your times. Yes, of course you can walk!
Week #1 Monday MapRuns
Total MapRuns: 3
Total Runners: 1
One runner Gary, put in 3 MapRuns.
Previous 3 Months
Total MapRuns: 38
TotalRunners: 2
Two runners Gary and Susan, put in 38 MapRuns
Every Monday night the details of the number of MapRuns for the week will be displayed, no matter what time they were run. The actual detail of how you fared against others will be revealed to you when you complete a MapRun run on a course. There is at least one result for comparison on every course in Ballarat.
Some areas have multiple courses, such as Long, Medium, Short and Score. Some areas have just one course such as a Score. But all the courses can be run multiple to see if yiu are improving. I have discovered how useful this is as it has revealed how bad I am at planning out how to approach score courses!!! However, I think I may be improving slightly! 🤣
Be aware that in no way are these MapRuns replacing ordinary events. On the contrary, they are just part of a strategy to have more events than ever in local areas to get people out Orienteering. Be aware also that a club is 100% supported by its members so it would be awesome to see you, the members, out and about at all upcoming Eureka Orienteering events as much as you can both before Christmas and also all through 2024!
Happy Orienteering!
To Do:
Tonight, 4th of December, 6:00pm
Monday MapRun #2 – Don Lead
Kind regards
Eureka Orienteer & MapRun Convert!